Wooden column pics

3d model wooden column pics
3d model wooden kitchen chair Wooden kitchen chair
chair from the catalog
User: Walle October 17, 2011
3d model wooden staircase Wooden Staircase
Stairs wood texture is
User: Walle December 16, 2010
3d model column swen bf-1911 Column swen bf-1911
column swen bf-11 with textures and mats
User: Walle August 2, 2011
3d model wooden chair with cushion Wooden chair with cushion
wooden chair with a pillow made of cotton. Materials are configured, textures are present.
User: Walle August 20, 2011
3d model wooden bed Wooden Bed
Wooden Beds
User: Walle June 25, 2011
3d model wooden wheel Wooden Wheel
Model of wooden wagon wheel, 20 century
User: Walle December 21, 2010
3d model the column of the vine (forging) The column of the vine (forging)
come in handy if =)
User: Walle August 28, 2011
3d model wooden console Wooden Console
Wooden console for home interiors, with textures
User: Walle September 26, 2011
3d model column for beer Column for beer
column for a beer at a bar stoyku.tekstury attached. V Ray
User: Walle August 5, 2011
3d model wooden table Wooden table
wooden table, made from the reel for the cable. diameter ~ 1100mm, height ~ 800 mm, thickness ~ 40mm worktops
User: Walle December 9, 2011
3d model wooden stairs Wooden stairs
Wooden stairs. With texture
User: Walle December 15, 2010
3d model column Column
column, no textures!
User: Walle June 4, 2011
3d model for column For column
Classic warrant for the column material-virey without textures
User: Walle September 29, 2011
3d model classic wooden stairs Classic Wooden stairs
Classic Wooden Staircase Some tips: 1. close podstupennik (a variant of economy). 2. podstupennika height standard (SNIP), so only changes the length of the step. 3. height of the railing and balusters on SNIP. Model without textures.
User: Walle March 12, 2011
3d model column Column
Detailed zroblena column
User: Walle February 4, 2011