Patterns with hidden 3d images

3d model patterns with hidden 3d images
3d model staircase with wrought fence ric-fer Staircase with wrought fence RIC-FER
Made by photo elements forged stair railings company RIK-FER ( with slight variations and additions from my side (eg candlesticks - my initiative)
User: Walle May 14, 2011
3d model battery heating with screen Battery heating with screen
battery with the screen and taped, materials assigned, textures in the archive. Mesh screen at the curve because Bulick, but simple, no artifacts. Both parts logically attached to the wall. Simulated entirely from nature. Testury batteries in the archive. 3DsMax 9 sp2 vray 1.5 sp1. Completely handmade.
User: Walle December 17, 2010
3d model toy bee with a sting Toy bee with a sting
Revision mine. Materials Virey
User: Walle May 23, 2011
3d model vase with twigs Vase with twigs

User: Walle March 16, 2011
3d model chandelier with wings Chandelier with wings
chandelier with wings
User: Walle June 1, 2011
3d model bed with drawers Bed with drawers
all textures included
User: Walle August 10, 2011
3d model cushion with buttons Cushion with buttons
pad with buttons
User: Walle August 18, 2011
3d model curtains with sprat Curtains with sprat
Curtains with sprat Curtain with sprat in the bedroom (or anywhere). 3DS Max 2009 UVW Mapping is applied Cornice, rings and everything else Complement alone So will, use on health.
User: Walle October 17, 2011