Microlab x27

3d model microlab x27
3d model creazoni • gina cr_3112 • 1600x2600 CREAZONI • Gina CR_3112 • 1600x2600
Mirror CREAZONI, Gina CR/3112 Mirror Company CREAZONI, model Gina CR/3112 All textures (Vray mat) in the archive Site of the manufacturer http://www.stile-creazioni.com/catalogue.php?ID=CR/3112&IDcat=9&next =
User: Walle December 29, 2010
3d model solarium x5 Solarium x5
User: Walle September 19, 2011
3d model bath 5x3 Bath 5x3
archive max-file, textures
User: Walle September 25, 2011
3d model billboard 6x3 Billboard 6x3
Advertising steel construction is widely used for advertising in major cities and neochen. Height: feet 3 meters (You can increase up to 5 meters) and the advertising field, 6x3 meters.
User: Walle January 14, 2011
3d model grande 1760x1760 Grande 1760x1760
Max 2009 + V_ray 1.5RC3 Double Bathroom with hydromassage. Size 1760h1760 One may be useful to whom)))
User: Walle December 28, 2010
3d model microlab x-27 Microlab X-27
Almost exact copy of the acoustic system Microlab X27
User: Walle November 28, 2011
3d model table francescomolon 120x120 Table FrancescoMolon 120x120
table FrancescoMolon 120x120, expands to R 150 or 160
User: Walle August 30, 2011
3d model bed_2x_list_2440x1830 Bed_2x_list_2440x1830
No textures
User: Walle December 18, 2010
3d model table_x-l-type Table_x-l-type
No textures
User: Walle May 24, 2011
3d model solarium x7 Solarium x7
solarium vertically
User: Walle July 20, 2011