Massive 40271/38/10

3d model massive 40271/38/10
3d model massive chandelier Massive Chandelier
chandelier Massive, collection of Harmony, catalog number 36506/43/10, diameter 1040 mm , height 1115 mm, 8 horns, light bulbs to 40w
User: Walle November 6, 2011
3d model massive 42959/43/10 Massive 42959/43/10
hanging lamp Massive 42959/43/10 lamp Massive 42959/43/10 Model in size. 3dsMax2009 + vray. The texture is not required
User: Walle April 2, 2011
3d model massive nabor Massive nabor
Massive ceiling lamp and table lamps
User: Walle January 12, 2011
3d model massive spot double Massive spot double
lamp Massive spot double
User: Walle October 16, 2011
3d model massive 38591-11-10 Massive 38591-11-10
Completed the catalog, the size of a 15% increase since original model was only sources for the design chandeliers for the club.
User: Walle August 13, 2011
3d model massive chandelier Massive Chandelier
size 750h750 h950
User: Walle November 15, 2011
3d model massive_36507-43-10 Massive_36507-43-10
Textures from arksheyderov because I did not enclose. Mats are configured, the size observed.
User: Walle January 8, 2011
3d model massive 57640_87_10 Massive 57640_87_10
Not completely confident in the amount of whitish stuff, which is fastened to the wall, and everything is real.
User: Walle August 29, 2011
3d model lamp massive (belgium) Lamp Massive (belgium)
Lamp Manufactured by: Massive (belgium )<--! prew -> Made for fun. For myself. a couple of hours. The foot was a bit of detailing ZBhush in connection with which the weight modelki 165k Polycom Too lazy to do displacement. The pack includes: everything is there for the model. )
User: Walle April 11, 2011
3d model massive chandeliers belgium Massive chandeliers Belgium
chandelier Belgium Massive, the latest versions)
User: Walle September 9, 2011
3d model massive 40045_17_10 Massive 40045_17_10
model, as always, good quality. Made with attention to detail, at least those who could see in the catalog.
User: Walle April 30, 2011
3d model chandelier forged, the firm massive. Chandelier forged, the firm Massive.
Chandelier forged chrome.
User: Walle February 2, 2011
3d model lamps "massive" Lamps &quot;Massive&quot;
Ceiling lighting produced in Belgium. 3ds max9, vray 1.5
User: Walle April 23, 2011
3d model lamp massive Lamp Massive
lamp Massive Contemporary, catalog number 42089/17/10
User: Walle February 4, 2011
3d model hanging lamp massive 36880/17/10 Hanging lamp Massive 36880/17/10
Hanging lamp Massive 36880/17/10 Hanging lamp Massive 36880/17/10 Model in size. 3dsMax2009 + vray. Texture included
User: Walle April 6, 2011