Anchor in sea

3d model anchor in sea
3d model built-in wash basin and mirror cabinet - complete Built-in wash basin and mirror cabinet - complete
max 2008, Mats vray, the model itself
User: Walle April 17, 2011
3d model the lamp in the kitchen The lamp in the kitchen
Lamp with Massive directory 2007, is well suited for lighting above the dining table!
User: Walle February 23, 2011
3d model headsets in the bathroom Headsets in the bathroom
headsets in the bathroom: wash basin and cupboard with mirror
User: Walle March 4, 2011
3d model table (the product of in china) Table (the product of in China)
table (the product of in China)
User: Walle February 24, 2011
3d model door in classical style Door in classical style
Materials Virey. Texture included.
User: Walle March 10, 2011
3d model table in art deco style Table in art deco style
Maksovsky file version 2009 + with vireevskimi textures
User: Walle February 24, 2011
3d model pavilion in the eastern stile_2 Pavilion in the eastern stile_2
All Seasons gazebo in Oriental style!
User: Walle April 10, 2011
3d model chest in drawing bezzicherri Chest in drawing Bezzicherri
Chest in drawing Bezzicherri designed according to the drawings, to scale. Mats and textures present
User: Walle September 26, 2011