3d models free jewelry box

3d model 3d models free jewelry box
3d model door with a box Door with a box
door with a box
User: Walle December 29, 2010
3d model box for jewelry Box for jewelry
come in handy if you need to make the filing of an expensive product ... I was made for promotion ...
User: Walle February 19, 2011
3d model gift box of tea Gift box of tea
Luxury box for tea. For commercial use is necessary to change the label. All the textures in the archive .<--! prew -> The main value - not even a box with opening mechanism, and manually smodellirovanny large-tea! The texture on it is with real tea. So for lovers of Indian treasures - the most it. A cup too full himself did. Scene warn large (14MB after unzip), but the bulk - the tea leaves, without them the scene is four times smaller. (Lower number of polygons without tea leaves) Interesting comments, not seen anywhere Runshaw simulated tea. I think it's cool!
User: Walle June 14, 2011
3d model leather jewelry box for jewelry Leather jewelry box for jewelry
looking like something a such a thing for one interior - not found? time there was no simulate, and now decided .. finishing touches! voobshchem useful for interior .... tembolee exact copy (in the sale are such) + material! in different skin model is one
User: Walle June 6, 2011
3d model door with a box Door with a box
wooden door in the Russian smithy.
User: Walle November 18, 2011
3d model d-box seat D-box seat
chair D-box vray
User: Walle April 9, 2011
3d model radiator box. classic. Radiator box. Classic.
placed for classic interior. Textures are not required.
User: Walle October 28, 2011